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It was the beginning of summer season of 2015, A bunch of KP boyz met at a small social gathering, perhaps at the local tournament ceremony organized by another enthusiastic KP group who’re regular on their cricketing passion and the saga begins with the BigBoyz group and formed a team of 15 members and immediately conceptualised the team balance along with the formation of committee of the club .… A Saga of Passion, Commitment and Enthusiasm begins!!

mission & vision

  • To take pride in our KP history and traditions and evolve to remain at the forefront of the modern game.
  • To be successful on and off the field, based on teamwork, professionalism in all areas, which will ensure a most vibrant, accessible and financially viable club.
  • To promote the game of cricket in Delhi NCR in order to maximize participation of community members and also provide platform to budding kids which will help in maintaining overall balance, standards of enjoyment, community support and success?
  • Today BigBoyz club participates in almost all the major KP associated teams where the matches held in Delhi NCR and have won most of them at least once.
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